Grossmont Union High School District

Where Do Your Fees Go?

Where Do Your Fees Go?title

Thank you for the payment of school fees.  It is only natural to question where the money goes.

Your fees can pay for the construction and/or reconstruction of school facilities to accommodate enrollment growth resulting from residential, commercial or industrial development projects that occur within Grossmont Union High School District boundaries.  School fees can also be expended for furniture and equipment for new classrooms.  In addition, an amount not to exceed 3 percent in any fiscal year may be expended by the school district for administration costs incurred by the district to collect the fees.

Section 53080 of the Government Code authorizes the Grossmont Union High School District to levy school fees when a new development seeks a Certificate of Compliance from the District.  This certificate is necessary for the developer to obtain a building permit from the applicable city or county.   Section 65995 of the Government Code limits the amount of Statutory School Fees.  Every two years the State Allocation Board (SAB) determines any adjustment to the school fee rate.