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Fee Calculations
Residential Construction:       ($1.20 per sq foot)
Commercial Construction:      ($.19 per sq foot)
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Notification of Payment


In June 2016, the Governing Board of the Grossmont Union High School District held a Public Hearing and approved a Resolution accepting the Developer Fee Justification Study in accordance with Government Code Section 65995 and Education Code Section 17620.
All fees are calculated per square foot of assessable space by the local building department for all commercial/industrial and residential construction.  Fees are due prior to the issuance of a building permit.

The following forms, generated by the County of San Diego or City of El Cajon, must be submitted with payment to Grossmont Union High School District:

If your project is within the County of San Diego - Required Agency Clearances

If your project is within the City of El Cajon - Certificate of Compliance

NOTE - School fees are not considered a tax exemption, however, you may want to consult with your tax advisor or CPA for additional information.
Other Information

Other Information

  • Projects that total 500 square feet or less are exempt from school fees.
  • Non-habitable areas such as agricultural buildings, barns, or personal storage may be exempt from school fees.
  • Other exemptions may include religious facilities, and federal, state, or local government facilities.
  • Reconstruction of destroyed or damaged buildings may also be exempt.
  • For additional information, review the Application for Application for Exemption (3a) or contact our office.  Click HERE to access the form. 
  • Senior Housing of 35 or more units is exempt from paying residential fees if the developer claims to have no employees associated with the housing. Senior citizen housing would pay the commercial fee rate.
  • Application for Refund Of School Fees (3b) should be submitted, along with documentation stating the reason for the refund request, to the Facilities Management Department.  Click HERE to access the form. 
  • If your project has been abandoned/canceled, please submit a statement or computer printout from the City of El Cajon or County of San Diego building department stating that they are aware the project has been abandoned/canceled. 


-You may receive square footage credit if a building has been demolished in relation to the planned new construction.  To receive credit you must submit the following:

-Proof that the building has been demolished
Copy of the Residential Building Record obtained from the Tax Assessor's office located at 200 S. Magnolia Avenue, El Cajon, (619) 401-5700.