Grossmont Union High School District

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Mike Fowler

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Welcome to the Grossmont Union High School District (GUHSD) which “exists to empower each GUHSD student to build the best future.”
We say “the” best future very intentionally.
GUHSD provides the highest-quality educational and extracurricular opportunities for our 17,000 students so that they are best-prepared to build a bright future for themselves and their families. 
We also recognize that over the course of our 100-year history, GUHSD has graduated multiple generations of East County families. That’s because East County is a community in which so many of our citizens grow up, go to school, and proudly stay, work, and raise their own families. The GUHSD students of today are tomorrow’s East County business owners, health care professionals, electricians, mayors, and teachers.
So we say “the” best future because we understand that we’re empowering our students to build the best future for themselves and our entire community.
How does GUHSD fulfill that purpose?
  • Relevant, high-quality educational programs with an equity lens – GUHSD has Gold Ribbon Schools, California Distinguished Schools, and schools ranked among “America’s Best High Schools” by U.S. News and World Report. With a focus on providing every student with what they need to succeed, we provide access to tools like TutorMe, a free 24/7 tutoring program.
  • Robust career training and industry certifications – Through our 44 Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways across 12 in-demand industry sectors – including Engineering, Health Sciences and Medical Technology, Information Technology, and more – GUHSD students acquire cutting-edge training for success in the careers of tomorrow.
  • Safe, modern learning environments – East County citizens invested over $800-million in new construction and modernization at all GUHSD campuses through our bond construction program. The result? GUHSD schools now look like college campuses.
  • A caring, collaborative, and innovative staff – GUHSD’s over-3000 staff members are guided by GUHSD’s three Core Values: caring, collaborative, and innovative. Every role in our organization, both in the classroom and out, is filled by someone who cares deeply about East County’s kids and understands GUHSD’s central role in building the brightest possible future for our community. 70.03% of GUHSD staff members graduated from, or sent their children to, one of our 17 schools or programs, illustrating our personal and unyielding commitment to the success of our schools.
How do I know that all of this is true?
I have dedicated 28 years of service to the Students, Families, and staff of GUHSD.
You don’t have to just take my word for it, however. For more evidence, I encourage you to review our GUHSD Team Playbook. You’ll learn more about who we are as an organization and all of the opportunities that GUHSD provides our students so they are empowered to build the best future.
On behalf of the Governing Board and the entire GUHSD family, it’s an honor to serve and support you.
Mike Fowler