Grossmont Union High School District

Assistant Principal Apprentices are selected in the Spring. Apprentices participate in a year-long rigorous program that provides the type of training and experiences necessary to prepare them for an assistant principal position. Apprentices will participate in the GUHSD Leadership Summer Institute for Apprentice participants, as well as participate in monthly standards-based training sessions during the school year. Apprentices will also participate in leadership roles on site to gain necessary knowledge and skills for a future administrative position. (Additional compensation will not be provided for apprentice experience or training outside the contract day.) Successful graduates will qualify to apply for available Assistant Principal positions. 

Eligibility Requirements:
  • A minimum of 5 years in a certificated or equivalent position
  • A valid California Teaching Credential and/or Services Credential.
  • A valid California Administrative / Supervisory Credential (or enrolled in an Administrative Credential Program)
  • Demonstrated leadership experience
  • Three “Leadership Recommendation” forms completed by your current principal, an Asst. Principal, and a Colleague at your site

  • Administrator Apprentice Program Application
  • Administrator Apprentice Program - Confidential Recommendation