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The California Department of Education has not formally adopted a college and career readiness definition. However, on March 3, 2014, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction announced that the Standards for Career Ready Practice are for all students. These standards, in general terms, describe what students need to know to succeed when they transfer to post-secondary education, career training, or the workforce. For the current status of the College and Career Readiness Indicators and more information, visit the California Department of Education website.
What is Career Technical Education (CTE)?

What is Career Technical Education (CTE)?

The GUHSD Career Technical Education programs are committed to ensuring students benefit from a rigorous academic course load that is also aligned with college and workforce expectations.  What was once known as "vocational education," has been updated to reflect the changes in the workplace that call for higher levels of academic and applied skills.  In order to better meet the needs of the 21st Century student, GUHSD offers CTE Pathways at every high school in the District.  We currently offer 44 Pathways, in 12 Industry Sectors identified by the State of California as industries with expected career growth. The success of these CTE Pathways is due to our college and industry aligned curriculum, linked learning pathways, ongoing professional development for our teachers, and the strong partnerships we have with area business and community partners. 

Career Technical Education is thriving in the Grossmont Union High School District. Please take a look at what pathways are offered at our schools. If you want to be on a pathway to success, CTE can help!

Transforming Education for All Learners through Career Technical Education


Accountability Metrics to Include College and Career Readiness