Grossmont Union High School District

Home To School Transportation
In the State of California, general ed school bus service is not required or fully funded by the state. In fact GUHSD contributes over $6 million above and beyond what the State gives us for transportation each year. Because school districts that choose to provide buses must use classroom funds to cover the cost, many districts have eliminated or reduced service, and/or implemented parent pay programs to help keep limited bus service available to the students. In an effort to reduce the impact of classroom dollars used to provide school buses, the Grossmont Union High School District uses a fee based program for home to school transportation. While the fee doesn't cover the actual cost, it helps limit the classroom funds used to provide transportation.
If equipped, seatbelts are to be worn on the school bus at all times.  
GUHSD Board Policy 3541 states:
The District may provide transportation to and from school for students who pay the established fee and who reside more than three miles from their home school. 
Non Transportation Schools
Some attendance boundaries lie completely within the 3 mile area of their school. Students attending these schools don’t qualify for bus service. Schools for which there is no bus service are: Helix Charter, El Cajon Valley, Santana and Valhalla High Schools.
Special Education Transportation Services
The District provides free transportation, as needed, to enable appropriate participation by individuals with special needs in general and special education programs. The District acknowledges a sensitivity regarding the length of time for students to be transported from home to school.  Keeping this in mind, students will be routed as efficiently as possible.  The District recognizes that the responsibility for the designation of necessary transportation services rests with the Individual Education Programs (IEP) Team.
Times are subject to change during first weeks of school. Check back for updates.

For safety & security reasons, students must be registered and have a bus pass to ride the school bus beginning on the first day of school.

Students are only authorized to use their assigned stops.