Grossmont Union High School District

Late Buses
School buses have to endure the same traffic conditions that plague commuters. A traffic snarl, traffic accident, minimum days or a longer than scheduled loading at a previous bus stop can easily throw your bus 10-15 minutes off schedule. Please be patient and allow at least 15 minutes before calling the Dispatch Office at 644-8186.
If equipped, seatbelts are to be worn on the school bus at all times.  
Student Absences
If a student will not be riding on a given day, we ask that we are notified at least one hour before the pick-up time.  If a student has not ridden for two days, we will not go to the students stop until the following Monday unless proper notification is given.  When a student wishes to resume transportation, we ask that we are provided with a minimum of one hour notification.  
School Bus Stops
Parents are advised that the District does not supervise bus stops and that the District is not responsible for the control and conduct of students at bus stops. Parents are encouraged to supervise their children until they are safely aboard the bus. For the safety of all students and to avoid children chasing after a moving bus, once a school bus has departed from the curb, at either the school site or bus stop, the driver is not permitted to stop the bus to board late students.
Two-Way Communication
For student safety and route control, each bus is equipped with a two-way radio. The Transportation Department is in constant communication with each bus on its scheduled runs. If there is a problem, such as a late bus, the Transportation  Department will be able to contact the bus and make the necessary corrections.
Lost and Found
The bus driver will make an attempt to return the item to the student the following school day. Items undelivered will be taken to the Transportation Department office for pick up.
Conduct on Buses
Bus transportation is a privilege extended only to students who display good conduct while preparing to ride, riding, or leaving the bus. The Superintendent or designee shall establish regulations related to bus conduct, bus driver authority, and the suspension of riding privileges. The Governing Board shall make these rules available to parents/guardians and students. Students transported in a school bus shall be under the authority of, and responsible directly to, the driver of the bus. The driver shall be held responsible for the orderly conduct of the students while they are on the bus or being escorted across a street, highway, or road.
GPS Tracking & Video
Advanced technology allows our dispatchers to communicate with drivers at all times. All buses are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. GPS helps ensure all students are safe and on route and provides “real time” locations of all buses. Along with GPS technology, the district uses video surveillance systems inside buses to help monitor student activity and provide students with the safest possible ride. Video systems allow the driver to spend more time concentrating on the road and what is going on around them instead of constantly looking in the rear view mirror to see what is occurring inside the bus.