Grossmont Union High School District

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Cabinet reviews travel that is both over $2,000 and out of county on Monday's. Please provide travel forms to Jodi Hostetler a week prior.
Freeze reviews ALL travel Tuesday's at 9:00 am
  • Send completed travel form to the District to be reviewed via District Mail or email to Michelle Hays.
  • Email all Rush travel to Michelle Hays for review.
  • Staff attending student travel (excluding local field trips) must complete a travel form
  • A Requisition is required before travel can be approved: Travel Req Notes


Travel Request Form (Click Above)
Download each time, form is updated periodically
Travel Claim Form (Click Above)
Send to: Michelle Hays

FY 2020 Per Diem Rates For San Diego, CA

Must include Meals and Mileage on Travel form to be reimbursed
  • Click Above for Rates (page two of Meals & Incidentals)
  • Mileage Rate 56.0 cents per mile


How to Create a Travel Profile and Book Travel Instructions

Note: New Site Managers or New Secretary's who book travel, send an account request to

Book Flights/ Hotels/ & Car Rentals through the Concur Login

After Hours Assistance call 877-454-8785
Travel Board Policy: AR 4133, 4233, 4333