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Projected savings from extensive conservation projects and utility management strategies in the Grossmont Union High School District (GUHSD) are on track to reach nearly $2 million in annual utility cost savings. The projects, funded through California’s Proposition 39, the Clean Energy Jobs Act, and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), include photovoltaic installations, consolidation of the number of utility meters, lighting retrofits, and energy storage batteries to offset peak demand. Eight campuses received new photovoltaics during summer 2017 and an additional four systems scheduled for summer 2018 could realize a total of $70.5 million in utility cost savings over the next 25 years.
Energy Conservation Efforts to Date

Energy Conservation Efforts to Datetitle

$404,909  Savings annually by consolidating electrical service to fewer meters, the District has reduced the volume of service fees charged for each individual meter. Additional savings
will be realized with future rate schedule changes.
$958,183 First year annual savings for solar projects at Grossmont, El Cajon, Mt Miguel, El Capitan, Granite Hills, Monte Vista, Santana, Valhalla, West Hills and Chaparral High School and Foothills Adult School installed with zero upfront cost to the district, the result of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a third-party solar provider and zero upfront costs to the District.
$128,000 Savings annually using Battery Energy Storage that reduces grid demand, boost power efficiency,  and reduce utility costs, the district is continuing the installation of energy storage batteries at nine school sites; the project is coordinated through the Green Charge Networks with zero upfront costs to the District.
$108,000 Savings annually using Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) for Pools at nine campuses in the District, working in conjunction with the existing pump systems, adjusting the speed of the motor in response to changing pool conditions, allowing the pump to run at more precise speeds and adjust as needed, and decreasing operating costs.
$345,000 Savings annually through the California Clean Energy Jobs Act (Prop 39), which have provided for Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lighting retrofits at 10 campuses to improve lighting efficiency and lighting quality in classrooms,  exterior walkways, and all gymnasiums. Additionally,
over 4,000 ballasts – which regulate the current to lighting fixtures – and 8,000 new light bulbs are being installed.
$1,944,092    Total Annual Savings from Conservation Efforts
Current Solar Projects

Current Solar Projectstitle

In 2017 Helix, El Cajon Valley, Mt Miguel, Granite Hills, Monte Vista, Santana, West Hills and Steele Canyon High Schools installed solar through a Power Purchase Agreement, which allows for no out of pocket costs to the District and an additional  $52 million savings over the next 25 years.
We look forward to Phase 3 installations at Grossmont, El Capitan, Chaparral High Schools and Foothills Adult in Summer 2018.