Grossmont Union High School District

All of the pools have health and safety rules that we ask everyone to observe and practice. The lifeguards are responsible for enforcing these rules in order to PREVENT accidents from occurring. We realize that during low attendance, some of the rules may not seem appropriate. However, in order to maintain consistency between the staff and pool users at all of the District pools, the lifeguards are instructed to enforce the rules at all times. We will do everything possible to make your day safe and enjoyable. 
Please Read the Basic Rules Listed Here for you Knowledge.

Please Read the Basic Rules Listed Here for you Knowledge.

  1. Children under 7 years of age, regardless of their swimming ability, must be attended by an adult at all times in the water and on the deck. Children 7 years or older who are under 48” tall must, when in the water, also be accompanied by an adult. The attending adult will not be charged admission. All children, regardless of age who wear personal floatation devices, must also be accompanied by an adult. Adults must be within arms reach of the children at all times Maximum 2 children under 7 and/or under 48” per adult. An adult is at least 18 years old.
  2. Children not toilet trained must wear swim diapers. 
  3. Anyone that has experienced vomiting or diarrhea may not use the pool within 14 days of the last episode. 
  4. Youngsters must pass a swim test in shallow water before swimming in deeper pool areas. This test consists of swimming crawl stroke for 50 yards without stopping. A lifeguard on duty must give the test and acknowledge passing. 
  5. Swimsuits, trunks or shorts must be worn by persons in the water. T-shirts are allowed but must be short sleeve and clean. Shorts must be above the knees. 
  6. No running in the pool area. Foul language is prohibited.
  7. We are not responsible for any valuables brought into the pool area. There is no locker room check-in service. 
  8. Because of deck limitations, we do not allow playpens in the pool area. Chairs as well as strollers with locking wheels are allowed but must be placed near the fence. Inflatable pool toys, mattresses and tire inner tubes are not allowed. 
  9. Masks, fins, and snorkels are not allowed except for adult lap swimmers. However, the wearing of goggles is recommended for protection against eye irritation. 
  10. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the pool area or on school grounds. Chewing gum and glass containers are not allowed in the pool area. 
  11. Diving boards - NO RUNNING TAKEOFFS. NO INWARD OR REVERSE DIVES WILL BE ALLOWED DURING RECREATION SWIM. Please do not adjust the fulcrum. Always face forward while on the board and ladders. Wait until the person in front gets to the side before you step onto the diving board steps or ladder. Only one approach and one bounce is allowed. Do not swim in front of or under the diving boards.
  12. No headfirst dives in water shallower than 6 feet. In deeper water, when diving from the deck the diver should angle his dive so as not to make contact with the pool bottom or sides. 
  13. Do not perform jumps or dives that will have you leaning backwards as you enter the water (i.e., can openers, figure 4's, twisters). Backdives, cannonballs, somersaults are not allowed from the pool deck. Do not jump or dive toward any object including other swimmers, pool edges or equipment. Always face forward when jumping or diving. No diving or jumping from lifeguard towers, starting blocks or waterpolo goals. 
  14. Individuals will not be admitted into the pool area if they have open sores, rashes, or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.