Grossmont Union High School District

About Measure BB

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About Proposition U

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Proposition U is a $417 million General Obligation Bond Measure passed by East County voters in November 2008. The program substantially completes the modernization of all district schools, providing classrooms and equipment for Career Technical Education, multi-purpose facilities to support the superintendent's vision for the arts in education, and the construction of a new high school in the Alpine/Blossom Valley area.
The ballot statement read as follows:
To better prepare local high school students for college and high demand jobs, by upgrading education technology, construction science labs, replacing deteriorated portables, rehabilitating aging classrooms/equipment/sites/joint-use facilities, improving safety/energy-efficiency, and constructing a new school in Alpine/Blossom Valley; shall Grossmont Union High School District issue $417,000,000 in bonds at legal rates, qualifying for State matching funds, with independent oversight, annual audits, no funding for administrator salaries, and all money benefiting East County high schools?
About Proposition H

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Proposition H was approved by 62 percent of voters in March 2004 to fund repairs of aging schools in the district as well as the construction of a new school. It was the first bond passed by voters in the East County in 37 years. The $274 million program includes student safety improvements, upgrades and expansion of technology and other infrastructures, renovations of outdated classrooms and the construction of new science classrooms.
The ballot statement read as follows:
To repair aging local high schools, improve student safety, and qualify for State matching funds, shall Grossmont Union High School District repair aging roofs, upgrade deteriorated plumbing, restrooms, electrical, technology, heating and cooling systems; improve fire safety and security systems; renovate outdated classrooms, science labs and school facilities; improve buildings and grounds for safety; and construct a new school; by issuing $274,000,000 in bonds at legal rates, with annual audits, citizen oversight, and all money staying in our community?