Grossmont Union High School District



TO                   :           Summer School Director & Support Staff
FROM             :           Patti Munn, Payroll Supervisor
DATE             :           May 2020
SUBJECT       :           Summer Session Information/Forms
Enclosed, please find forms needed for summer school time sheet processing.  Late time sheets for June time will be charged to the 2020/21 fiscal year rather than 2019/20 fiscal year.
Summer Session Timeline as it relates to Payroll processing.
Certificated Timesheets            ( Any light color other than white or yellow)
SESSION 1     Due in Payroll July 2nd           Payment  July 31st
SESSION 2      Due in Payroll August 2nd        Payment August 31st
Classified Timesheets       (white paper)
JUNE          Due in Payroll July 2nd              Payment  July 31st
JULY          Due in Payroll August 2nd            Payment August 31st
Some additional important points to remember are listed below:

A.    All absences for Teachers with a summer school assignment must be marked on their timesheet to receive payment (Leave Day - limited to 1 day per session unless prior approval from Human Resources).


B.    Please use the 6 digit employee ID number,  account number, PAF number and combo-code on timesheets.  TIMESHEETS MUST BE SIGNED BY DEPT HEAD/SUPERVISOR.  TIMESHEETS NOT SIGNED WILL BE RETURNED TO SITE WHICH WILL DELAY THE PAYMENT.

If you have any employees not signed up for Direct Deposit, their pay warrant will be mailed on pay day to their home address on file.
Please send me an email if you have any questions regarding this memo.  Thank you.