Keep your CatapultK12 web site accessible

Keep your CatapultK12 web site accessible

Every information manager needs to know how to keep their web site accessible to those with disabilities. It's not just the law, it's the responsible thing to do. Please view the two minute introduction...
You can install the WAVE accessibility checking extension for Chrome at Thereafter, you need only click the W icon  to check the accessibility of any page.
Quick Start

Quick Start

  • Login: click Sign in with Google; do NOT enter any credentials
  • Save:
    • Save the changes you've made to the area of the page
    • Save the page
    • Publish to the internet.
  • Logout - colleagues cannot edit anything on your site/sub-site until you log out.


Rick Roberts: Executive Director of Educational Technology Services
Maria Simonsen: Director of Application Support
Dan McDowell : Director of Learning and Innovation
Tiffani Brown: Director of Instructional Technology
 Mike Johnson (619) 644-8252
CatapultK12 help desk: (888) 840-9901


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