Home Choice is a program specifically designed for those students and parents who choose to home school. We understand that each family has different issues that may lead them to this option. Typical reasons why students choose our program include students’ dislike for a large school environment, medical problems, family situations, philosophical and religious beliefs, students already in a career, and a host of other reasons. Students wanting to be in the Home Choice program must be self motivated, disciplined, and have good study habits. 
Home Choice parents play a pivotal role in the educational process of their student. They are expected to be that guiding force at home that keeps the student focused, on task and organized.
What Makes Home Choice a Great Option?

What Makes Home Choice a Great Option?

The Home Choice program offers much more than the typical home schooling option. Our students remain tied to their school of residence and may graduate with that site’s diploma. In addition, student’s have the option to be co-enrolled in their school of residence. This means they may take one or two classes on campus and take the remaining course work through Home Choice. Students may also participate in campus activities such as sports, band, etc. (As long as all eligibility requirements are met).
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The Enrollment Process

The Enrollment Process

The process begins with a referral from the student's home school. Once the Home Choice office receives this referral, the student and parent meet with the counselor or the Home Choice Director to discuss program requirements and the student’s individual educational needs and goals. If it is agreed at that time that the Home Choice Program is the best option for the student then a Master Enrollment Contract will be signed by all parties. Each course taken by the student will have a course contract which must be signed by the student, parent, and individual teachers. Enrollment is for one semester at a time. At the conclusion of each semester the student’s performance will be reviewed. If the student has made sufficient progress, and the parent and student wish to continue in the program a new Master Enrollment Contract will be signed. All students are enrolled full time. (On a semester system that would mean the student is enrolled in five to six classes).
Students are expected to meet with teachers and turn in work at least once a week. All meetings will be at the Home Choice office located on the west side of the El Cajon Valley High School campus. The first meeting will include:
  1. Communication of expectations of materials to be learned
  2. Description of assignments the teacher will assess
  3. Grading standards and expectations
  4. State framework for the course
  5. District guidelines for the course
  6. Issue textbooks/materials (textbooks used are the same as those used in comprehensive school program)
  7. Discuss any other pertinent information that may assist the student to be successful
After meeting with each of the teachers, the student and parent work together to formulate a game plan that keeps the student current with assigned work, and on task to meet assignment due dates.

All tests, and final exams are taken in the Home Choice office under the supervision of the Home Choice personnel. The office is open from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Students may come in at any time during the office hours to turn in work or take a test.(Please note: on Fridays students MUST be in by 1:00 pm to take tests). 

Students are expected to spend the same amount of time per course as he/she would if enrolled in the regular school program.
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