Grossmont Union High School District

2018 Summer Assignment Application
Classified Employment Opportunities
Application Deadline: April 27, 2018
Application Process

Application Process

Employees who wish to be considered for Summer Assignment employment must submit an official Summer Assignment application to their designated Summer School Director by April 27, 2018. This assignment is considered supplementary service because it is outside your regular contract work year as a regular classified employee.  Applicants who are not selected for Summer Program employment may request to be considered for substitute work.

Job classifications created for summer school shall first be offered to bargaining unit employees serving in those classifications. When summer school assignments of bargaining unit members in their classification at their sites, are being arranged, the District shall consider site seniority within classification as the sole factor in making the assignment.  For positions involving unit members working in a classification different from their assignment in the academic year, the District shall consider seniority as one of the factors along with merit and fitness in selecting personnel. A unit member who accepts a summer school assignment in the same job classification shall receive his/her regular rate of pay for all summer work performed. All hours assigned to a unit member for a summer school assignment shall be considered "hours in paid status" for the purposes of counting length of service for probation; only if the assignment is in his/her regularly assigned job classification at his or her regularly assigned site and with his/her regularly assigned administration. (Art. 8, Section 16, CSEA CBA)


  • Employees who work in their regular classification will receive their regular current range and step placement.
  • Employees who work in lower classifications will be paid at the lower classification range, but at the employee’s regular current step placement.
  • Employees who work in higher classifications will be paid at the higher classification range at the step placement that is closest to but not less than their regular current rates of pay.
  • Substitute employees will receive the hourly rate on the substitute salary schedule.  Regular employees working as substitutes in the summer school program will be subject to the pay options listed above.

Employees in paid status on the day preceding or following the July 4th holiday will receive hourly pay commensurate with their assignment hours.  Employees accrue sick leave and vacation leave and vacation based on a prorated formula of the number of summer assignment hours to regular workday equivalent.

Payroll Schedule

Payroll Schedule

Time Worked Timesheets to Payroll To be Paid
June 2018 July 3, 2018 July 31, 2018
July 2018 August 2, 2018 August 31, 2018

The 2018 Grossmont Union School District Summer Program is provided through special State funds.  The funding is separate from funds received for the regular instructional year.  Summer Program staffing at all levels is based upon Summer School student enrollment. Applications must be completed, signed and submitted to Summer School Director at current site by April 27, 2018.