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Why Career & Technical Education?

  • Because 90% of high school graduates say they wish they had more real world experiences in high school, and CTE pathways are built around hand-on, real-world, project-based learning.
  • Because more than 85% of CTE students are planning to continue their education after high school, and being in a CTE pathway helps students focus their post-secondary plans which means they are more likely to earn a degree.
  • More than 1/3 of CTE students can receive early college credit for completing a CTE pathway, which not only helps to save money, it better prepares high school students for the rigor of college coursework.
  • Because CTE pathway completers are college bound and career ready!
5 Things to Know About CTE
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CTE 101

CTE 101

Career and Technical Education Is Important for Today's Students

Career and Technical Education Is Important for Today's Students

CTE Academics

CTE Supports Academics

  • Many of GUHSD's CTE coourses are articulated with courses offered by the Gorssmont-Cuyamaca Community College District, which allows students to earn early college credit while still in high school.
  • Many of GUHSD's CTE classes are approved for UC "a-g" credit. All CTE classes earn elective credit, and some also meet specific subject graduation requirements.
  • GUHSD's CTE curricula is aligned with the California Academic and the Model CTE Curriculum Standards and supports the core academic areas wherever possible.
  • Some CTE students have the opportunity to participate in student competitions and win awards.
  • CTE classes offer applied learning of academics supporting all learning styles.
  • GUHSD's CTE classrooms, labs, and workshops are furnished with up-to-date, industry standard, equipment and materials.
  • CTE teachers are fully credentialed by the State Department of Education and have business and/or industry experience in the field in which they are teaching.

To enroll your child in a CTE Pathway, speak with your student's high school counselor.

parents with graduate

How can parents help a high school student choose a Career Technical Education Pathway?

You may think that high school students are too young to be making a decision about a career, but it is important to remember that your teens can expect to change jobs and careers many times as adults. With that in mind, helping your teens through the process of choosing a career that is a good match will be important in preparing them for that workplace reality. And while your teens may change their minds, the skills that they will learn while in a CTE Pathway, are transferable to other careers later on.

What are the steps to choosing a CTE Pathway?

There are three basic questions that need to be asked in choosing a Career or a Pathway:

  • Who am I?

  • What do I want to do?

  • How do I get there from here?

Sometimes people are lucky and just fall into a career that is a perfect match for them. Others have a hard time getting out of a career that no longer works for them because of finances or where they are in life. Grossmont Union High School District students have an opportunity to “try on” a career by participating in a CTE Pathway. To help your teens pick a CTE Pathway that is a good match, have them log on to Career Cruising and work through the assessment tools that will help them focus on who they are and want they want to do. Then, they can continue to explore what careers are a good match for them and what CTE Pathway will best prepare them for that career. You can check out the other links on this site for more career exploration ideas.

Choosing a CTE Pathway