Grossmont Union High School District


Business Services has established new deadline dates that ALL programs must adhere to. These new deadline dates impact the processing of all CTE requisitions. You will need to plan accordingly to ensure you have the supplies you need through the end of the year.


Requisitions received after the deadline dates will not be forwarded for processing. Please see below for all CTE compliancy dates for submission of orders to your MSF:



All of Supply Budget to be spent by: MARCH 21, 2024

Open Purchase Orders end usage date: MAY 31, 2024*

* Purchases after this date are not allowed.


Thank you for your cooperation in meeting the established deadlines. We look forward to working closely with each of you during the new school year. If you have any questions, please contact the CTE office for further details:

Megan Wilkins

Senior Account Clerk

Phone: 619-644-8098

CTE Damaged/Lost/Stolen Equipment Procedures:

CTE teachers and school sites are responsible for the care and inventory of CTE equipment. It is important that every teacher develop a plan for equipment use that provides safe access and prevents damage, loss and theft.


If a piece of CTE equipment is damaged, lost, or stolen, please file an incident report immediately with your site MSF and follow your site and district procedures for reporting the incident, and recording and collecting student fines as appropriate.


The site MSF will forward a copy of the report to the CTE office so we are aware of the incident and can note it in our inventory reporting for CTE funded equipment.