Grossmont Union High School District

Grossmont Union High School District Graduation Requirements And UC A-G Subject Requirements for University of California and California State University Admission
Course and Unit Requirements: 220
Subject Area
Units Required of All Students
Units Required for CSU/UC College Admission
1. English 40 40
2. Mathematics 30 30 (40 Recommended)
3. Science 20 20 (30 Recommended)
4. Social Science 35 20
5. Physical Education 20  
6. Visual or Performing Arts 10 10
  and/or World Language 10 20 (30 Recommended)
7. Technology 5  
8. Electives 60 10
  Total Units Required for Graduation 220  


NOTE - (Numbers correspond to subject area listed above)

2. This requirement includes one year of algebra, as well as, a year long course beyond algebra. Beginning with the class of 2022 and beyond, thirty (30) units of math are required and any math course counts toward the unit requirement. One or a combination of these courses must meet or exceed the rigor of the content standards of Integrated Mathematics II or transfer equivalent.

3. One year of Life Science and one year of Physical Science.

Students at Valhalla High School must complete three years of science per board policy.

4. One semester of Geography (9th), one year of World History (10th), one year of U.S. History  (11th), one semester of American Government and one semester of Economics (12th).
6. Ten units of World Language or Visual and Performing Arts required for graduation (examples of Visual or Performing Arts courses include art, theater or music).  Student wishing to attend a four-year university need twenty units of Foreign Language with thirty recommended.

Additional Requirements

  • Technology Requirement

  • Post-Secondary Plan met through Guidance/Counseling

  • Grades earned in UC A-G courses must be "C" or higher (excludes validation rules)


  • A maximum of forty credits in P.E., twenty credits of Office Experience/Library Assistant and/or twenty credits from Adult School may be counted toward meeting the graduation requirements.