District web site changes

Please read before submitting your report...

Due to compatibility issues affecting visitors using certain internet access providers, the District web site has undergone a rapid migration to a new server platform. The new platform was chosen with paramount attention to sustainability and the responsible use of resources in difficult budgetary times.

In the move from old to new, we have attempted to reproduce as much the of information and as many pre-existing features with as little consolidation and reorganization as possible.  If you find any of the following, please let us know using the form below...

  • essential information missing that was on the old site
  • inaccurate or misplaced information
  • links that do not work
  • formatting problems

A comprehensive revision of the site will take place at a later date.  Please restrict your report to current issues.  We cannot entertain new feature requests or suggestions at this time. Please include the details we need to remedy issues as quickly as possible.
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience the transition has caused you.
Thank you,

GUHSD Information and Technology Services

Address where issue can be found:
{jumi [errorreportcode.php]}