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Camp LEAD is a FREE three-day and two-night leadership and human relations development program for GUHSD students. It is an engaging and interactive learning environment that allows participants to gain heightened interpersonal and personal-awareness skills that are essential to improving relations with others. After attending Camp LEAD many students are inspired to live their lives in a more postive fashion, and strive to influence others in this way.


Participants are usually recommended by school staff, and represent a diverse mix of students from each campus. Young people of different races, religous beliefs, social classes, and interests are all brought together to share this very unique experience.


Students selected to participate are current campus leaders, or have been identified as potential campus leaders. Camp LEAD student participants are individuals who are usually interested in social justice issues, are definitely open to personal growth and are willing to work to improve their school’s overall climate. Many return to join their Campus' Friday Night Live Club which strives to promote healthy lifestyle choices free from alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, violence and sexual activity.


As of today we have hosted over 20 Camp LEADs, catering to over 2000 students. Of those 2000 students about 2/3 of the group has returned to get additional training as LEAD Crew members in hopes that they may return to Camp LEAD as a peer facilitator. After camp and upon return to school, we have seen students exhibit higher attendance rates, higher grades and a decrease in behavioral issues. This data and information can be made available for you upon request.

Camp benefits ALL students and we look forward to hearing from you and meeting your students.

Grossmont Union High School District’s Camp LEAD (Leadership for Equity & Access District-wide) allows students to take part in a series of activities designed to foster leadership skills and improve understanding & respect between students. Through focused dialogue, experiential learning and self-reflection, students develop skills to discuss issues that can be difficult to address in everyday life.  Camp LEAD prepares students to take on leadership roles and not only succeed, but excel across a wide range of environments.

Camp LEAD students