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Grossmont District Food Services continues to have two primary goals.  These goals are to deliver nutritious quality meals in a timely manner and to be profitable.  Each comprehensive high school has a food service operation.  El Cajon and Mount Miguel are also production sites servicing several satellite facilities.  Food Services will enhance the educational process by providing nutritious meals that will allow each student to focus on his/her school work. There is no general fund support for this program.


In addition to meeting our student's needs, our department's employees cater meetings or other special events; breakfast or lunch. Our catering book has a large variety of menus and selections from which to choose. Just follow the "Steps to Ordering" on page 1 and we will do the rest. To obtain a copy of the catering book click on the link below.

icon Catering Book 2013-2014


Food Menus



Grossmont Union High School District participates in the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program. Breakfast and lunch are available to student’s everyday. This summer we participated in a special program that allowed us to offer meals at no charge to our students and the community for the summer only. Meals during the regular school year are a great value at $1.75 for breakfast and $2.75 for lunch, with ala carte items being various prices.

All menu items meet the required state and federal guidelines. Menus are planned using standards based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the Food Guide Pyramid, and our student’s preferences. We provide a wide variety of choices that include ethnic dishes, fresh salads and sandwiches and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Click on the links below to view our menu choices.

icon 2013-2014 Breakfast Menu

icon 2013-2014 Lunch menu

icon 2013-2014 Ala carte menu 







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