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Educational Technology Services

Educational Technology Services (ETS) is responsible for ensuring that the technology needs of Grossmont Union High School District (GUHSD) students and staff are met districtwide. ETS ensures that instructional use of technology is supported throughout the district and that teachers and students are provided with access to technology in a manner that prepares students for the future and gives teachers the highest level of control over the use of technology in their classroom. In addition to focusing on educational technology, ETS provides districtwide support services for computer hardware and software, telephone, network and administrative applications.

ETS is committed to supporting GUHSD's Strategic Plan which identifies expanding the use and support of educational technology throughout the District as a critical focus area. ETS is actively engaged in projects in support of the Strategic Plan’s action items and is committed to supporting the use of technology districtwide with an emphasis on the classroom and teachers.

Implementing GUHSD’s vision for the use of educational technology includes the following Strategic Plan action items:

  1. Use technology as a means to personalize learning based on the needs and abilities of each student.
  2. Provide all classrooms with instructional technology components and provide training on ways to effectively use this equipment.
  3. Work to ensure that our network has sufficient bandwidth and coverage for students and teachers to access web, multimedia, and collaboration tools when, where, and how they are most conducive to learning.
  4. Continue planning for a learning model that relies more heavily on digital learning devices and anywhere-anytime access to content, including online textbooks.
  5. Explore and expand resources that will allow us to work more efficiently and in a more cost-effective manner to liberate more time, money, and energy for working on the core mission.

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Rick Roberts
Executive Director
Educational Technology Services