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84 Passenger Bus (Seats 56 @ 2 per seat)

  84-Passenger bus.  Used in all Home to School routes and some Special Needs routes.  Used for nearly all Activity Trips.
  Seats 56 people, 2 per seat.  GUHSD currently has 33 of these in our fleet.

  24 Passenger + 3 Wheelchair bus.  Used primarily in Special Needs transportation.  GUHSD recently added 
  9 new 2014 buses of this type to the fleet.

  30 Passenger + 4 Wheelchair bus.  Front-engine and the workhorse of the Special Needs operation.  
  GUHSD has 21 of these model buses configured with and without wheelchair spaces.

  Another version of our 30 + 4 Wheelchair buses. GUHSD currently has 5 of these model units.

  66-Passenger bus.  Used in Special Needs routes and Activity Trips.  Seats 44 people, 2 per seat.  GUHSD currently has 4 of these in our fleet.