Grossmont Union High School District

Project Name: Mod Bldg 130/60 to Classrooms
Phase Type: 2009
Campus: 06 - Granite Hills
Phase Status: Complete
Percent Complete: 100 %
Scope of Project: Modernization of 8 standard classrooms and 2 Special Ed Suites, consistent with the District Standards and performance capabilities within each classroom (New roof systems, HVAC, data power & power) and perform all required underground infrastructure (electrical, gas, water, sanitary sewer, drainage, communications, fire alarm and data) work. Abate all hazardous materials within the classroom buildings; address the removal of barriers consistent with the ADA transition plan.
Budget: Project Complete
Schedule: Project Complete
Architect: RRC
Construction Manager: Erickson Hall
Project Manager: Dena Johnson
Prop: Prop U