Grossmont Union High School District

Project Name: Phase 3A New Science Building
Phase Type: 3A New Building
Campus: 05 - El Capitan
Phase Status: Complete
Percent Complete: 100 %
Scope of Project: The scope of the New Science Building Project (3A) encompasses designing a one-story (14,033 GSF) science classroom building. The program consists of eight (8) classrooms (6 Chemistry; 2 Physics) and New Restrooms. The building will be designed to the current District Standards as to performance capabilities, and per Education Code and building codes (ADA compliance, Fire Life Safety, Structural). Site Preparation includes the relocation of one relocatable classroom, demolition of seven (7) relocatable classrooms, demolish asphalt. The underground utility infrastructure (wet & dry) utilities will removed, rerouted, installed (as required or requested) consistent with the underground utilities infrastructure plan
Budget: Project Complete
Schedule: Project Complete
Architect: Harley Ellis Devereaux
Construction Manager: Erickson Hall
Project Manager: Dena Johnson
Prop: Prop H